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  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Apr 2, 2014

    William Powell Assembly Member for Mid &West Wales and Cllr Gareth Morgan (Llandiloes) have raised questions over the awarding of a new adult social care contract by Powys County Council following allegations about the process of tendering.

    William Powell AM said:

    ''Constituents have brought a number of serious concerns to me on several aspects of the tender process. If proven this could prove a considerable risk to the Council and to service users.

  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Mar 27, 2014

    The people of Newtown protested yesterday at the loss of the well used Customer Service Centre. Cllr Joy Jones organised a petition and was present through the day to listen to people's concerns.

    "This centre is used by 1700 people a month to get help and advice on a huge range of vital council services. It is near the bus station and the shops and so it makes it easy for people to pop in to get help.

  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Mar 17, 2014

    Following a meeting with business owners in Machynlleth the Welsh Government says it intends to provide funding to explore options for the project. Edwina Hart, Minister for economy, science and transport, has confirmed the funding will go to develop options for a new crossing upstream from the existing bridge. The minister also confirmed that this new crossing would not include a bypass of Machynlleth.

    Mr Powell is delighted with the progress being made following the meeting.
    He said: "I am very pleased to see that progress is being made towards a new Dyfi Bridge.
    "Previously the Welsh Government has been considering a range of options including a simple upgrade of the existing bridge.
    "I am glad, following the meeting in Machynlleth I hosted last November, that a number oflocal business leaders' concerns have been taken onboard by the Minister."

    Mr Powell confirmed he is committed to working with the Government to ensure the bridge is built as soon as possible. Councillor Michael Williams has praised the work done by Mr Powell in helping to get the ball rolling.

    He said: "I'm really delighted with all the work that William has done, and is continuing to do, in terms of putting forward a strong and cogent case to the Minister for a new bridge over the Dyfi."

    Cllr Williams also believes the bridge is essential for the local people and the local economy.

    He said:

    "While we know there isn't a bottomless pit of money available, we in the Machynlleth and Dyfi Valley area feel that a new bridge is essential for local people, the local economy and the positive boost it would give to both tourism and business."

  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Mar 14, 2014
    The Minister, Edwina Hart AM, has today announced a number of changes to the lay out of Newtown by-pass which will hopefully improve the road for the residents. These changes also make the scheme around £5 million cheaper.
    William Powell AM said " This is brilliant news for Newtown as I know that this will make a real difference to the businesses and residents of the Town. The full plans will be on the Assembly website as soon as Edwina Hart AM has made her announcement."
  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Mar 5, 2014

    William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, has today pledged to support the call for Wales to become the first country in the UK to establish a legal duty for safe nurse staffing levels in hospital wards.

    In December, Kirsty Williams AM was successful in the National Assembly's ballot to introduce backbench legislation. Her proposed bill calls for minimum nursing levels to be enshrined in law. Assembly Members will vote on the proposed bill on the 5th March. If the vote passes, then the proposed bill will progress to committee stage where it will be properly scrutinised.

    William Powell said:
    "I want Wales to lead the way in being the first country in the UK to establish a legal duty for safe nurse staffing levels. Such a move has been proven to improve patient outcomes. This significant change has the potential to transform the quality of care provided in the Welsh NHS. Nurses who have fewer patients to tend to are able to spend a greater amount of time with each patient and as a result can provide better care."

    The Royal College of Nursing in Wales has offered its full support for the bill having campaigned for an increase in nursing numbers.

    Tina Donnelly TD, DL, CCMI, Director of the Royal College of Nursing in Wales, said:"The RCN in Wales graciously thanks this Assembly Member who is offering their support to this much needed legislation. Minimum nurse staffing levels will improve patient care and save lives. The RCN urges all Assembly Members irrespective of political affiliation to get behind this worthy bill. The RCN continues to work with managers, clinical leaders, nurses and politicians to raise the standards of care and tackle poor practice. "

  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Mar 3, 2014

    'Silk report important for cross border health care'

    William Powell AM for Mid & West Wales.

    The recommendations featured in today's Silk Report should be a blueprint for further powers coming to Wales and should help cross border Health issues- especially for Montgomeryshire, if adopted.

    The UK coalition government established the Silk commission to examine the future of the Welsh Assembly's powers. The inquiry was split into two parts, with part two being published today (3rd March).

  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Feb 26, 2014


    Release/Rhyddhau: Immediate

    Contact/ Cyswllt: Heather Kidd 01686 625527

    W illiam Powell, AM for Mid and West Wales and Powys Councillor for Talgarth, has expressed his profound disapproval and opposition to Powys Councils Cabinet's proposal to cut funding to the County's CAB service over two years.

  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Feb 21, 2014
    Today I would strongly encourage people to sign the CAB petition below. I cannot express how important this is - CAB representatives and I have been discussing how unsustainable the one-year grant is and if the council make the wrong decision on Tuesday then we will no longer have the privilege of having a CAB - Help us SAVE this vital advice service!

    Sign their petition against the closure, which people can sign on-line at :-
  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Feb 20, 2014


    Release/Rhyddhau: Immediate

    Contact/ Cyswllt: Heather Kidd (01686) 625527

    New Cattle Valuation not right for Montgomeryshire Farmers

    William Powell, AM for Mid & West Wales, has used today's statement on TB eradication to oppose the Welsh Labour Government moving to a system of tabular valuations for culled cattle with bovine TB. A tabular valuation uses the British average figures for cattle, currently each animal is valued by a qualified vet.

  • Welsh LibDem Bird
    Article: Feb 14, 2014
    Winds in excess of 100mph were recorded in north west Wales, and gusts were blowing as high as 80mph over Montgomeryshire leaving hundreds of houses without power on Thursday morning.. and still aren't with power even now.

    "Climate Change is destroying people's homes and farms" says Jane Dodds.

    "We need to do more to protect people from floods and to tackle man made climate change"