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Stafford and Stone Lib Dems Spring Newsletter - Exciting Times !

May 6, 2019 5:45 PM
By Nigel McBride
Originally published by Stafford and Stone Liberal Democrats

First of all, congratulations to Alec Sandiford on his excellent campaign in last week's local elections. Although unsuccessful in the end, he achieved a very creditable result in Fulford finishing well ahead of the Labour Party Candidate.

The full result (two councillors elected) was :

Peter ROYCROFT - Conservative 780 (33.3%)

Michael DODSON - Conservative 752 (32.2%)
Alec SANDIFORD - Liberal Democrat 490 (21.0%)
Jule WHITTAKER - Labour Party 316 (13.5%)

This goes to show how local voters saw the Lib Dems as the real alternative to the Conservatives and bodes very well for the future.
Across the country, of course, 2019 was the Lib Dems' best result in years, with a net gain of 704 councillors and 11 councils.
Congratulations too to everyone involved for a magnificent effort !

But now of course our attention switches to the Euro Elections on 23 May - just over two weeks away.
With 7 MEPs to be elected in the West Midlands, we only need to get around 14% of the vote to get one Lib Dem MEP elected - or even better, 28% would get 2 !
Alec's 21% vote in Fulford, from a standing start, indicates that this should be eminently possible provided we make the effort.

Whatever happens after the Euro election, a strong contingent of Lib Dem MEPs would send a clear message to the Prime Minister that there is real demand for a public vote on whatever deal is agreed in Westminster. If nothing else, the current turmoil in the Conservative and Labour Parties demonstrates that Brexit means very different things to different people and the public deserves to have its say on whether the "Politicians' Brexit" (if it is ever agreed) is what it actually wants.

We will be delivering leaflets door-to-door around the Stafford and Stone constituencies in the run-up to the election to get the message across.
This is your chance as a Lib Dem supporter to help elect Liberal Democrats from the West Midlands to the European Parliament.
It's surprising how many leaflets you can deliver in an hour ! As the saying goes - If not now, when ?

If you can help, please e-mail and we can sort out details of where and when, etc.
Even if you aren't able to help with deliveries, you can also support the campaign by donating at towards the cost of leaflets - for example a gift of £25 would cover the costs of printing 1,000 leaflets for the campaign.

Thank you for your continued support for the Liberal Democrats. We look forward to hearing from you.